Spare part catalogue

Digitalisation and innovative service solutions are part of the LOESCHE service strategy.
Modern digital solutions such as virtual reality, permanent online monitoring services, augmented reality for maintenance support - to name only a few of them - will soon become a standard. It is time now for a much deeper integration of 'digital' routines into our daily work.
LOESCHE has integrated digital interaction in the spare part buying process. We invite you to develop our collaboration using our new service platform.

In early 2016, LOESCHE started to develop this new service channel for spare parts identification and requesting. After a 12 months period of concept creation and prototyping we rolled-out our first electronic catalogues for our pilot client in Latvia. The catalogues are provided over the internet using a browser based collaboration platform with multi-user capability, user-specific login, and equipment database.

After this successful roll-out we keep on creating more and more catalogues to serve our clients worldwide with this state-of-the-art solution for easy part identification and quote requesting. The catalogues cover at least the LOESCHE mill with all its items and will be continuously updated. Information such as availability of parts and their prices, as well as new features, such as spare part packages, and a variety of sourcing options (in most cases) have been created additionally.

Catalogue creation is an ongoing but time consuming process. We aim to publish more than 250 catalogues until the end of 2017. In parallel, we will provide more and more original LOESCHE documentation in pdf format via our service platform.
Please get in touch with us using our contact form to get access to your catalogues.

Please understand this approach as a starting point for digital interaction - there will more high end features added with coming releases - stay tuned!