Continuous availability and optimum operation of your grinding plant

We offer plant audits which support your planning for preventive and corrective maintenance as well as for continuous improvements related to the mechanical and procedural situation of the plant.


Mechanical Audit Process Audit
Information on the mechanical condition of the grinding plant Information on the process parameters of the grinding plant
Reveal of wear zones (process) Reveal of optimization potentials / bottlenecks
Optimization of the spare part stockage Optimization of the spare part stockage
New adjustment to the target stage New adjustment to the target stage


Written recommendations for operation and maintenance
Reproducibility of the results for later analyses by comprehensive documentation
Preservation / increase of plant value
Increase of the plant efficiency

ln order to increase production, reduce down time, and extend the lifetime of your machinery, experienced LOESCHE specialists comprehensively assess your plant operations. Our experts can evaluate conditions and performance in a general audit that either covers all your plant's divisions and departments from A to Z or focuses on the specific milling process in your mill.

Thermobanner Audit.png

If you want to receive more information on audits, please contact the LOESCHE Customer Service department.